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100 _a20180529d2005 m||y0pory50 ba
101 _aeng
102 _aGB
115 _ac b|||||||||||||||
200 _a How art made the world
_bregisto video
_fNigel Jonathan Spivey
_fKCET (Television station : Los Angeles, Calif.);
_fBBC Worldwide Ltd.
210 _aNorth Sydney N.C.W
_c BBC Worldwide
215 _a5 DVD (60 min. each) : sound, color ; 4 3/4 in.
313 _aArt -- History. Creation (Literary, artistic, etc.)
324 _aingles
328 _aEpisode 1. More human than human -- episode 2. The day pictures were born -- episode 3. The art of persuasion -- episode 4. Once upon a time -- episode 5. To death and back.
330 _a This program encompasses everything from cave paintings to ceramics, pyramids to palaces, and probes the global trend for unrealistic depictions of the human body; the secrets powers of the feature film; how politicians manage to manipulate people so easily and why we use imagery at all. This awe-inspiring adventure is not only for the art lovers but anyone who has ever wondered about their place in the world.
512 _eMore human than human.
_eDay pictures were born.
_e Art of persuasion.
_e Once upon a time.
_e To death and back.
606 _aArte e História
606 _aDocumentario
675 _a767:94
701 _aSpivey
_bNigel Jonathan
711 _aKCET
712 _aBBC Worldwide Ltd.
990 _cMPV
994 _aCAN